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Monday, July 8, 2013

what a difference a letter makes!

Ahhh it finally arrived- the letter! The letter I've been waiting for to get a hint of what is happening in West Virginia with Clare Catherine.....And that wonderful postman actually delivered not one, but two - one to me and one to Sally and Peter. Yay Nana for giving Clare addressed and stamped envelopes- I'm not sure she would of reached out to her siblings on her own...well maybe.  She actually told them that she loved them and missed them.  She also says she has a cold....poor baby! I will mail tissues and goggles tomorrow- her request in that note.  In my birthday card letter she requested brain games for rest time....Nana put those in the mail today.  Bonus points for Nana!  I mailed more stamps and comics and soduko from the Hagerstown newspaper (see yesterday's blog!).

She answered my big question- what is she eating. Turns out she likes southern cooking- fried chicken. I remember that fried chicken...Sunday mid day mouth waters and I want to lick my fingers.  In her siblings note I learned she was not a fan of beanies and weenies...Pap will be disappointed. Funny- Sally and Peter loved baked beans.  

I've always been a fan of mail, real letters. I know my hand writing isn't easy to read but I hope my readers appreciate the hand written sentiment. I read this blog a few weeks ago and knew I'd get to share it at some point as I reflected on Clare's camp life.  This author does a great job and I find it refreshing to hear this sentiment from a teenager.  I know a number of great kids that think like this but I know we all get pulled into the electronic world and the diversion, distraction, connection it offers.  

The letter did indeed lift my spirits.  Saying I was holding my breath, watching the mail box like a pot on to boil may be going a bit far but I do feel relief knowing she is good.  The universe knew I needed contact as to make it all happier of days on Newark-Granville Road the camp photo posting page captured Clare straight on- full page- no need to magnify and guess is that she? Sure enough Clare with happy Blue spirit (Blue or Grey fun camp competition) arms wrapped around other girls- ahhhhh!! So I read about her happiness and saw it with my own eyes.  And an email from a counselor arrived today as well giving me insights Clare won't- she is taking some leadership roles with flag duty and...guess what...mail call! Can you see why I love this camp- no electronics, bed inspections, chores, singing, time to be a kid, sleeping in a platform tent, swimming in a river, canoes.....yes if I could go back I would!  

If you would like to mail a letter to Clare she can be reached at Camp Alleghany, Tent 24J, PO Box 86, Lewisburg, WV24901-0086  I doubt if she'll write you back...maybe a post card from the beach after camp.... All this mail talk makes me wonder....What mail call experiences do you remember?  I vaguely recall CA's mail call- I can feel the heat of the day and have some memory.  The big mail fun was Denison and our Slayter boxes....mail from home was such a treat.  I wonder how much mail kids get today at college.  I love the written letter, card and don't want to see it go extinct- I wonder what the camp or being away from home experience is on one's relationship with mail. Was it camp where I learned to value and appreciate this form of correspondence?  I know our USPS isn't making money and has visit to the post office today sure shows it busy. Often I stand in line...I'm sure mail is declining-we don't mail as much from Work as we use to and of course we like to be "green" and save paper but there is a balance act and I hope we'll encourage one another and write to one another.  All I know about mail for sure is life on Newark-Granville Road is all the better with mail delivery! I will sleep so very well!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

It was wonderful seeing you this afternoon...that smile is radiant and Clare is growing by leaps and bounds...there are days when I wish i could to summer camp too! Old fashioned snail mail is a gift you can hold on to...emails are efficient ...but so temporary. I too hope our future generations will return to the script and calligraphy written words. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart