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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Remembering and thanking Lisa, a STEM role model....

I learned today of the death of wonderful woman.  Her death is tragic and I am trying to separate the disappointment and anger over the situation and remember and honor her.  I hadn't been in touch and I so wish I had...busy working moms- it is hard to keep in touch with my friends here, my own past work life friends aren't on the regular routine with communication as much.  Luckily Facebook keeps me connected to some and I was just reaching out to a few...need to do more.....but back to Lisa.

Lisa was one of the first women I met when I went to Detroit- Southfield, MI to interview with Federal-Mogul my senior spring- 1990.  I accepted the interview just because..I had no intention of going to work there- I was headed to Chicago to get a job in PR.  The how I ended up interviewing and that process is it's own blog...probably a past one.....Anyway- I remember meeting Lisa and enjoying our conversation, the interview and her presence.  Our work lives continued to crisscross- figure eight style for years.  Eventually we ended up peers on an incredible team in the call center environment.  Lisa was always positive, encouraging, patient, kind....I shed tears as I type this knowing she is gone from each of her family, her friends and coworkers.  I remember visiting her home - always offering wonderful hospitality and making you feel loved.  She hosted a wedding shower for us with Michigan friends that was so very special. I was blessed and lucky to have had Lisa showing me the way- a very early professional and personal role model on so many levels.

I haven't thought of myself with a STEM(science, technology, engineering and math) career. I'm a fundraiser, a connector, an advocate for supporting things you love, a partner to develop and advance the mission of organizations I believe in- one in particular that lucky me- compensates me for the effort. But back in the day I worked for an automotive company.  In training classes I took V6 engines apart and put them back together. I matched bearings for combines in Nebraska. I checked quality processes on packaging lines in Kentucky and understood telephony routing in the call center in Detroit. I would not have done any of those things with out Lisa's positive encouragement and leadership.  Thank you Lisa.  Thank you to all my Federal-Mogul friends and co-workers, teammates and managers. I learned a great deal that makes me able to do what I do today and lets me value what we need to do to help the next generation, the future work force.  Your life made a difference in so many ways. My life on Newark-Granville road is filled with figure eights and I'm glad we had so many in and outs....I'm so sorry there will be no more direct ones on this earth.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I feel so sad for your loss...I did not know her but i can tell she is gone too soon. The interweaving of our relationship connections during our journeys seems to become more pronounced as we gather the decades with our own families. You are making a difference my dear friend with the STEM education....gratitude for your vigilant energies. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I feel as if all I have done is go to doctors this week...OSU today but in the afternoon I have the three grand daughters. Peace, Mary Helen16 ryhsrip