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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

why I support Pelotonia

Unfortunately cancer is part of my life on Newark-Granville Road, too much so. However there is lots of good news around that statement.  Closest is all the success and healing.  My sister continues to do so very well- Louisa- her daughter will be five in August. Sarah's Ovarian Cancer diagnosis came shortly after her delivery.  Way way too many friends in my adult life have battled this disease, this disease that needs to be stopped and it will be stopped because amazing efforts in our world today. One of those efforts is Pelotonia.

Pelotonia is an amazing movement and I support each and everyone of those involved. I wish I could take the time to donate to each individual effort- there are so many riders and Pelotons I want to donate to...however I chose one tonight and made my on-line gift.  I hope you will do the same.  I am a volunteer lover- I can't do my job without volunteers.  I wouldn't of had so many of my greatest experiences without volunteers, I was raised by incredible and inspiring volunteers. So when I read Janice LoRaso's "why I volunteer" on her Pelotonia page I made my decision- that is where my money is directed this year.

I think it was Kevin Plaugher that called my attention to support his ride- my first gift to Pelotonia years ago. Witnessing the death of his mother and sister to this disease were two of the saddest unforgettable moments in my time on Newark-Granville Road. Bob Baldwin is still so very missed in my life on Newark-Granville Road. Through the pain comes inspiration and energy to move forward. Brett Jump's incredible journey and lessons for all of us has inspired and rallied this community in so many ways and her husband Ben (our dentist) love and commitment and leadership in this fight deserve kudos and actions of giving.  Erin Kennedy's amazing and heroic fight with unbelievable grace and stamina- she attributes research for her ability not to just go on but volunteer and make a difference all while in treatment- it is why I support this one cause event and movement- end cancer. The good news is so many survivors- Kay, Medha, Tina, Judy, and too many I'm forgetting or don't even know are survivors- give us that hope and inspire this support tonight.

I could go on and on...all the new riders- Jeni, Tami...all the riders that keep riding and share the stories... Jennifer, Ben, Hugh, Bill, Laura, Joan...all the virtual riders...Kelly, Laura, Jen...I'm going to leave way too many people out and I'm sorry. Bed calls and I've wanted to get this post up for some time.  Please look around, be aware of the events and ways to support these groups and individuals raising money.  Encourage and support in any way you can these riders and their efforts to end cancer!   Life on Newark-Granville Road has too much cancer and we can all do something about that....MCC friends- attend the dinner dance on July 19th for me.  Kay Barton's efforts are incredible and a wonderful night is in store- this long standing incredible tradition deserves support. Licking County non riders/volunteers-August 8th know that we can cheer on our riders as many ride through Granville on Broadway!! (Newark-Granville Road west...) and we can support the efforts with our dollars- they all add up and make a difference

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You are a woman who makes a difference.... bless all of the courageous fighters against cancer and the people who will ride in the Pelotonia this year. I made a silly monkey card for Clare and will mail it tomorrow morning on the way to the Bloomberg Eye Center. Peace be with you. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart