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Sunday, July 14, 2013

well protected.

Did you see the fire truck on our end of Newark-Granville Road tonight?  All is OK. I've learned when you see a squad or fire truck you go offer to help and that is what I did tonight when we arrived home to the lights.  A random "natural cause" of glass magnifying sunlight causing fabric to burn/ smolder. The smoke set off an alarm and when neighbors came home they identified the need to call 911.  3-4 minutes and they were here...good to know our life is protected.

Pretty exciting end to a wonderful day in my life here on Newark-Granville Road.  Sally and Peter happy at Nana and Pap's. Joe and I happy for some time for us and work...oh yes and Griffey. Griffey's neighbor- Bodie the dog-seems OK too if you were worried.

Please take this lesson to makes sure everyone knows where your fire extinguishers are,that your smoke alarms work and talk about your plan for a fire. In our life on Newark-Granville Road the kids take us through these lessons in the 2nd grade- our fire fighters do a great job responding first and quickly but also with education to prepare us for nights like tonight.Thank you GFD!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Once we had a large fire truck with lights blazing in front of our hill in the middle of the night...Ken slept through the whole thing...a chimney fire if I remember correctly and no one was hurt. Our circle Audrey Drive is inhabited by firemen and teachers and nurses and two ministers.... I think we are lucky to have our bases all covered! Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart