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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vacation Love

So this was the first photo I want to share from vacation- my sister Sarah and my husband Joe.  This photo represents so much that is good in my life and what is good about our annual vacation. I titled the photo "love"...because that is what our vacations are really all about.  It goes beyond the things that we adore and value highly- building sandcastles together- adults and kids, reading great books (things I forgot to list on last night's blog) and our awesome family dinners and great lunches and breakfast by Nana and is about our love for one another.

Sarah- a common question to Nana from my kids was- who do you love most- which kid, my Mom? or which grandkids?  Sally in particular is so caught up in the whole BFF, who will cousin Louisa love most....we try hard to explain and show her...we love equally and differently... we do have unique and special love for one another.  We love Sarah deeply and value our time with her and her beautiful family greatly.  Sarah's fight with cancer (diagnosed Sept 2008- just after her daughter was born in August) provided an amazing gift and special time.  This vacation we were able to see Sarah strong, shining and active- we went to Yoga, went running and enjoyed her amazing cooking.  With Sarah comes Greg and Louisa- amazing brother in law and niece/god daughter....they love so completely and beautifully - it is a joy to behold.  I'm so blessed and so excited to share this on the blog I kept to update Sarah's friends and family on her progress during those scary times when we thought we might loose her to cancer.   In all things there are lessons and beauty and the value of love was never stronger on Newark-Granville Road than these past years and so good to feel last week.

Joe-what a guy- I always new in my heart and subconscious he was "one of the good guys".....we knew one another at Denison but not that well....but the signal, vibe, energy I picked up always was "good guy"....the good news for me is that vibe got stronger and stronger as we made our figure eight path after graduation that led to the alter and put us in movement together.  These past 14 years he continues to get better and better...his care and love of the kids, cousins and in-laws on these vacations is amazing.  For better or worse, in sickness and in health....we don't make that vow to our own family- we just get born to that commitment and it isn't always easy.  But in marriage we say it out loud and Joe lives it.  We cannot be the easiest family to love- we have ups and downs, we get annoyed, we yell...but we love deeply, we care and we vacation well....thank goodness this good guy loves not only me but my family.  He said his favorite part of the vacation was time with his brother in laws...sweet- cause all 3 (and my Dad) are really "good guys" too!  And for the record I am pretty lucky with sister in laws too....Ann on Joe's side and Dawn on my side!

The picture was taken on a beautiful afternoon on Ocracoke Island, NC.  The kids love this tradition of taking the ferry is hard to take time off from the beach and we almost appreciate one rainy morning that gives us permission to worked out to be Thursday this year. We missed the Sunshine Stoners that departed that morning...but we found the positive of the smaller party and embraced the time.  Sarah secured an amazing table (practically sitting on man's lap as he paid the bill) and our outdoor, waterfront Jolly Roger restaurant was lovely.  Bloody Mary's, pitcher of Yuengling, fresh seafood....lovely (base word- love) backdrop for this favorite photo.

So there you go....a bit of vacation love to share.....I'm a lucky girl....more  lighter things tomorrow....for now just know I love my life on Newark-Granville Road.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love the South too! We are making plans for summer 2014 and a trip with the grands down South. I want to hear more about your adventures. You are loved! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart