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Monday, March 18, 2013

Good things happen when we Laugh and Learn!

Maybe I should commit to every other day of blogging...will be interesting to see how and if I can blog from Senegal...I should be able to do some facebook posting.....I thought I'd jump into Africa travel topics but then Monday talks inspired and delighted me and I have to share!!

Monday Talks- what is it?  "reportedly it is the second oldest women's club in Ohio." It is a group of women that gather on Monday afternoons in the fall and spring to learn, hear talks or performances. I'm so pleased to be part of this effort as it supports things I love- life long learning, women being together, we meet in a beautiful old church.  If you'd like to learn more email me- I'd love to have you join me as a guest.

So today was the Spring Luncheon- I enjoyed the opportunity to meet some new friends and work on this project and exercise my right brain.  The talk part title was: "laugh until the milk comes out of your nose"by Nancy Weil...interesting...the luncheon committee embraced it with cookies as favors, white, cream, yellow, blue flowers, glass milk jugs and daisies and pansies to decorate!  The speaker arrived while we were setting up and you couldn't help but be drawn to her positive energy.  While she set-up and prepared she shared some stories and built our anticipation for her presentation.  She also talked about how she would be selling clown noses for $2 and would like to donate the funds to a local charity.  It was suggested that the Janet Gregory effort be the benefactor and voila- it happened.

Nancy Weil delighted us. She had us laugh, explained the scientific reasons behind her perspective on the necessity of smiling and laughter.  She was inspiring in her talk.  I encourage you to learn more about Nancy by visiting her website.  One of the big take aways for the group was the use of the red foam nose- the clown nose.  How it can reduce and dissipate stress- she showed us.  She gave us many reasons to use this fun smile creator. She also talked about what we focus on is what we bring in to our lives and how we need to keep it positive, dream big- that resonated with me!! And then the event wrapped up with the opportunity to talk to Nancy, have her sign her book and we collected the donations for the noses! Monday Talk woman supported the efforts and $205 was collected! Wahoo! Sally and I went to Park National Bank and put $100 in the building fund to help with renovations and $105 for the fund to support Janet's direct needs.  What an honor and delight to help make these connections- good things happen when we laugh and learn on Newark-Granville Road


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Be safe sweet sister...Senegal will change all of your lives...bring me a bit of newspaper print...if you can remember. I wish you happy trails !!! Peace, mary helen Fernandez stewart

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Sally you look totally adorable....take care of Mom and Dad!!! You always make me smile! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart