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Monday, March 11, 2013

life on another road....

What if this blog was Life on Fountainhead Road?  There are days like today where I have momements of wishing I was living in my home town of Hagerstown, Maryland.  Today my parents, childhood friends and my parents friends whom I consider my friends laid to rest a wonderful woman.  Jody and David's mom, Mrs. Hawbecker.  I wish I could of attended her funeral.  Life is just too busy to hop in the car and head to Maryland...I use to do that- when the kids were younger and I wasn't working.  We'll visit soon and going this close together just didn't make sense. And work was important today and being with my kids and their testing week is important.  But the time in Hagerstown was important too- funerals are important.  I felt the same way for their Dad's funeral too, and Mr. Boyd's.....

Please know I'm not saying I don't love my life in Granville. My life on Newark-Granville Road is rich and full, my job is challenging and satisfying- in fact this morning our efforts (and by our I mean the staff, board, volunteers, donors and parents and grandparents bringing their children to The Works including Joe and me as parents!!) is right on track!!

But you know just as I attended Denison loving this very house on Newark-Granville never imagining this is where I would live and raise my family, never thinking it would be the place where the Works benefactor raised his family.  I also loved many houses in the Hagerstown, Maryland area.  The what-if game is interesting to play- it is a way of escaping, putting my energies in another place.  

So I don't live in Maryland but I value the time I have to go home and spend time with family, connect with the good people who helped shape me. Woody and Judy Hawbecker and the great group my parents connected us with did in influence me- they talked to me, listened to me, encouraged me- always- at all ages.  They danced at my wedding and complimented my children and kept me up to speed. They cheered for me at swim meets and asked about what was happening at Denison when I was home from breaks.  My life on Newark-Granvile Road has been touched and blessed thanks to people like Mrs. Hawbecker.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am sending you a warm hug...she knows you were there in spirit. I wish you peace, Mary Helen