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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

relies on the professionals!

So after loosing another Nanny, we've gone back to the professionals.  We're thrilled to be back at SACC- school after care- at the elementary school.  The only reason we left was due to the driving around whirlwind that stressed me out last year.  We had hoped a nanny in the house would give relief, find us time, give us some assistance and it did- however not being able to maintain a relationship took its toll.  Ruth Ann Parsley is a wonderful person and true professional. She offers an amazing service and great care.  Her team is a great one to have our youngest daughter with on a regular basis.

And today Griffey benefited from professional service!  Doggy Daycare.  I never thought I'd do it, but with a puppy in the house that is so much better behaved when he has his exercise...hmmm lesson for all of us....we're thrilled to have this option. McNally's is close and has been a good partner with boarding, obedience training, products and now day time care.

We're still working on building the team of care providers for the kids, dog and house- drivers, laundry, odd jobs and errands.  My lesson learned is to go with people we know or come with a strong recommendation from people we know. Life on Newark-Granville Road runs best with assistance and we're happy to be with the pros!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Please know this too shall pass... these years of are full of challenges... remember to breathe... I need a day care for me some days! Peace, Mary Helen