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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Senegal Time

Cue the music...."Ha-in-nahhhhh" at Work when the subject of my trip is discussed often the Lion King-esque (ha-in-nahh) music is recited with energy and smiles so that is in my head as I type tonight....I have to admit the Go-Gos VACATION is there too- after all I write this from my parents house and it is always a vacation when I come home!!

I changed my facebook page photos to reflect the trip we are embarking on....the Lilly P Lion (taken from my notebook that I'll be taking on the trip to journal and capture, catalog as well as a photo of the clock on my desk set to Dakar, Senegal time.  Kristine gave the clock when she left- it was in her house on Prospect street and she brought it over the day she gave me a hug and said she'd see me soon.  At that point our trip wasn't planned.  It has been great to show the kids what time it is across the Atlantic.  It has been nice to look at it to think about our friends abroad and consider if it is good time to log on to facebook or skype and attempt contact.   It seems hard to believe that is indeed time for our trip off of Newark-Granville Road, an adventure we've planned, contemplated and prepared for knowing it will affect our lives on Newark-Granville road in exciting ways and take us to Africa!!  We'll keep you posted as best we can - facebook should be a good option!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

have a glorious time exploring Senegal and thank you for posting!!! You are a very special family all will change the world! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart