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Monday, March 11, 2013

is spent outside, as much as possible!

Making up for no blog yesterday- two today!!

We chose 1142 Newark-Granville Road because it gave us great access to the outdoors!  We loved not just one bike path but two! When we were looking at the house we met the neighbor she pointed out the one at the end of the road that went to Johnstown and into Newark.   We started our lives on Newark-Granville Road pushing Clare in a stroller.  I remember the day Joe called me to tell me she had walked home, almost all the way from town- she was just about there and laid down on the side walk and tired.  Then we moved to scooters, bikes, roller blades and now the kids will do runs on their own.  We choose well.  We almost bought a house further away, not near a bike path but we held out knowing access to town was a priority for our family and way of life.  We're proud of Clare's desire to ride her bike to lacrosse practise.  We appreciate our friends about town keeping an eye out and sharing reports and sightings- we want our children to have these experiences with and without us.  Lately their time outside is at the basketball court, walking the dog, throwing baseballs or with lax sticks.

So today nothing made me happier than to hear a respected leader, Boeing's Rick Stephens talk about the value the future workforce will gain by spending time outside.  How important it is to take the electronics out of our children's hands and let them engage with one another in hands-on learning, and problem solving.   I'm grateful for the position I have and the work I get to do to help others who also believe this make it a reality for our community.  The Works membership drive is happening now and I want to call each current members and say- well done, way to go- your doing a great thing for yourself, your family by coming to a hands-on learning center for history, art and technology.  Our STEM efforts have been led by Rick Platt, and there are many sponsors, granters and volunteers to thank.  Marcia Downes talked about STEM well before I knew what it really was or the impact it would have on my own family.  This was back when I was happy to walk to town and happy for the Tyke Lab fun @ The Works.  I read recently the child of today only has a 300 foot radius of outdoor play, kids when I was young had 3 miles!!

Check out what the Heath-Newark Licking County Port Authority's coverage from today's talk  we're grateful to Boeing and the Port Authority for reminding us what is important and needed.  The encouragement, affirmation and perspective to keep striving, keep working and developing these hands-on learning opportunities for all life long learners.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This is a very beautiful post...and know you are making a difference in the world, our community, our lives. Thank you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart