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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Today I'm pretty proud of my life on Newark-Granville Road. I feel fortunate to work at a place that pulls off what we pulled off- I take no credit, I simply supported as I could. The Works Science Fair happens due to the leadership and hard work of Sandy Doty and those she connects with to make happen- no doubt her family and for sure Rori Preston- my coworker!  Or course there are many others to thank and we did so today and will continue to- participants, parents, judges, volunteers and the mission of The Works aligns to partner with the important effort.   I do say it is fun to have a job that required me to eat not one but two chocolate chip cookies.  Olivia- thank you for an outstanding science fair project- you made my life and job all the sweeter.

I have to say I'm also proud of Clare and Peter.  I signed them up for Science Fair for many reasons- one simply being because I work at the Works and want to support the efforts.  I like to be able to empathize with our members. I like to engage from the same perspective.  It also helps to have skin in the game- literally. Plus it helps me walk my talk.  Joe and I are trying hard to keep an academic balance in our house and choose activities that engage the brain, not just the body.  Clare and Peter embraced their projects and learned so much.  It wasn't a pretty site last night. (see my real life post from yesterday- by 9 I wasn't loving it.) The kids really did this as much on their own as they could and due to schedules and utilizing human subjects (advice for the future- pick a project that can be done on your own time, you don't need to schedule others) and our busy schedules they did most of the work at the very end.   This did affect their scores, however they gained what we were after- wonderful lessons about scientific inquiry, process and the benefits of presenting and being assessed! We learned some things about our approaches, expectations, stress situations and family support too.  We also enjoyed being with wonderful families valuing this program/process too.

Peter at The Works Science Fair

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