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Thursday, March 14, 2013

in the morning

So here is the fun of my life on Newark-Granville road in the morning!  Many of you have seen my check-ins at the YMCA.  When I can get up I LOVE THESE- best way to start the day and give my body what it craves and needs.  Often I'm there thanks to a good friend picking me up- I'm so grateful. Or a friend has texted and I do my best to meet them.  However often bed and sleep prevail or the need to get going early in the morning.  Another thing I like to do when I exercise is come home give the puppy his quick first walk, get the coffee going and grab a protein shake for me.  This week has included prepping grapefruit for S and P and me today!!

The kids usually struggle to get up - each in their own ways.  We can track which days are harder- today was late but now I hear singing in the kitchen.  Sally came down and I smell waffles- just toasted good bread?!!  Joe is the good guy and often gets the coffee going, dog walked, lunches packed- although Clare is good about doing her own now that we've added "juice boxes" the challenges of healthy eating (beyond her 3-4 apples a day) continues!!  Today he headed out early and I'll cover bus- tomorrow we switch.

Time to rally for the bus, and work, dropping Griffey at doggy day care today- thanks for sharing a bit of the start of my day.  I hope yours is wonderful.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I wish I had a bit more energy..I begin my day watching the sun come up outside my bedroom window, the dogs go out, I have coffee and ease my self into gentle movement. Yes in the morning I move like a three toes sloth...but I am a cute three toed sloth. You are an amazing mother !!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart