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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stop and Smell the Daffodils

Thank you to dear friend for transferring a Columbus tradition to Licking County.  The March Daffodil party is a lovely break in the action with focus on good things- friends, family, flowers, a drink or two and snacks.  The Jacktown Pub is a great location and we so appreciate the warm hospitality of the owner.  We were nice and toasty on this sunny day on the winterized porch.  Thanks to all who came out and joined the fun!!  This tradition started in Licking County four years ago at the Manor House (Sniff sniff- it is closed now) and will continue in the future. I hope you'll join us!! We're talking about trying to make the "spring forward weekend" the annual occurrence.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is all the more fun when we take days like today where we hang out, pause and appreciate all that daffodils give to us.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am sorry I missed this beautiful day... I ended up in bed for much needed rest.I am visiting my specialist on Monday at OSU for further discussion. I love my appears to be the only thing my deer will not eat! See you on Tuesday! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart