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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

is looking to summer.....

Hard to believe but the time has come to get serious about camps!  We're thrilled Clare will get her camp experience- the first session did fill up and that is the one that works in our schedule.  The Works camp schedule is out and starting to fill up....this year's camp experiences truly are better than ever!  Camp Invention- different week and different curriculum that what is offered in Granville. So if you LOVE camp invention- your child can go twice! If you're like us- the week it is offered in Granville doesn't work for you- your child has a new opportunity.  Too bad for us- it is our vacation week.
Robotic Robot camp, glass and art camp with an inspiring tried and true artist- Jim Arder! You don't want to miss out- sign up now:  details and on-line registration:
We're making decisions about some sports camps and thinking about Sally. We're looking ahead to swim team at MCC and how we keep academics front and center too! Some great brain storming today about science fair support! Life on Newark-Granville road moves fast- too fast and summer will be here before we know it.  In the mean time we need to be in the moment and enjoy spring as we "spring"forward this weekend!!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Whew so many wonderful choices...and thank you for delivering our Girl Scout cookies. Ken was surprised. Remember to breathe in the beauty of the greatest joys call you MOM! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart