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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

values family time!

So on the flip side of at times wishing I lived closer to my Stoner family, I have to value the wonderful relationship we have with the Leithauser family.  And sure enough when I didn't even know I needed it and needed it most- our Leithauser gathering on Sunday happened!!  Yay for Ann for gathering us together.

We're very lucky to have Scott's family- Joe's older brother- in Westerville- they are the Westerville Leithausers to our Granville Leithausers.  Ann and Scott were on my first date with Joe and the friendship started then...I have Ann to thank for some great coaching including not to propose at a ball park. (That was a Mike and Mike question recently I think.)  The friendship has developed into a special bond and I feel so fortunate to have another sister in my life- I truly think of both of my sister in laws as sisters at this point.  Ann and my relationship is different than my relationship with Dawn- Dawn loves my brother and I will love her forever for that.  Ann and I are married to brothers and have our own unique and special connection.  We've had some great years (15 plus) to develop the bond- visits, vacations, pregnancies and babies (our oldest kids are 6 months apart  (Happy Birthday Will by the way- today is your day), our middles our 10 days- due 3 days) and our youngest are 6 months, New Years Eves, Dinner Parties and Sunday holiday gatherings that are wonderful traditions and low key comfort! That is exactly what Sunday was and what we all needed.....

I'm so glad that life on Newark-Granville includes family time and we have days like Sunday.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Sundays should always be for families. When I was growing up...there was no shopping at the centers and malls. Only church and home doughnuts...and then roller skating in the cafeteria hall for the children. When skating was put on hold...we had family movies ... I really miss my brothers and sister s living so far away. Peace be with you . Love , Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart