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Sunday, October 26, 2014

art all the more meaningful when you know the artist…...

A good weekend for art on Newark-Granville Road.   Friday night's art exhibit opening didn't disappoint!  What fun to get to know Michael McGinn and his family.  His wife is smart, charming and lovely.  Their kids loved the Works- they came for the opening and disappeared into the museum- love when this happen.  Michael's friends were also a great group to meet- it says a lot about someone when their friends support them and Michael was very supported.  We're going to enjoy having Michael and his art with The Works through December!!

At the Newark Rotary Auction- Off to the Races- Joe "won" a beautiful piece of art in the live auction. Dave Ghiloni embraced the theme and placed a lovely "Twin Spires" original of a race at Churchill Downs.  This piece is a perfect fit for this Derby loving house!  Dave is a kind and talented man- his studio is a treat to visit and I'm grateful for this gift from Joe.  The dollars donated go to support wonderful education and community lift-up activities and programs.

Life on Newark-Granville Road values art and the talented people that not only create art but support it. Shout out to Hammond-Harkin Gallery in Bexley and the wonderful folks that purchased Michael's art last week.  Below is Clare and Sally's favorite piece from the show- it makes me smile for many reasons.

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