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Friday, October 24, 2014

lighting is everything.....and my favorite part of the show....

This is a subject I could spend a great deal of time on as it fascinates me.  My father is all about lighting- he is an architect and man who likes to share philosophy and lessons.  A big one is don't put a lamp in front of a window- outdoor light coming into a room is an important factor and you don't need to duplicate the effort. The Works art gallery is providing a beautiful lesson in lighting and I hope you'll come experience it! Michael McGinn's painting is beautiful- he knows how to capture light. 

Most of his work is of Licking County at dark and the lights he was drawn to in our beautiful community.  The Midland's blue marquee, the front porch light of the historic jail, street lamps and traffic lights- he captures it all beautifully.  The light at this time of day or from Michael's perspective showcases things we may also treasure- a store front- or have never noticed- the ironwork on the top of a bridge.  Learn more about the show from The Advocate:

but better yet- come see it tonight- the gallery has been set up beautifully for an evening show.  6-8 pm tonight is the opening. Make it a date night, special outing or stop on your way to another activity.   I look forward to seeing you in the light of the gallery!!

Andy by the way- he didn't only paint at night. He captured beautiful scenes in the daylight. I love to spend time with a show in the gallery- the artwork is wonderful company. I have a few favorites right now- we'll see if one takes the lead or others step in and grow on me.  I love to drive country roads and value the time in my car. Michael has captured a key part of my life on Newark-Granville Road and I'd love to show it to you.

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