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Sunday, October 12, 2014

weekend in review……shout out to Denison!

Thought I'd let you know about the things I said would fill life on Newark-Granville Road this weekend…..

Cross Country- Licking County League Finals- all the cross country teams in Licking County came together for this meet.  Watkins hosted which is a tough but well regarded course.  The trail goes through the woods and ends in the stadium so to me it is an ideal place for finals like this.  Clare took me into the woods to see Peter run- what a treat!  This is where the kids go to cheer on their teammates- neat to see that in action.  One of the many things we love about Cross Country is the camaraderie across grades and gender.  It was also great to get to so many places to see Peter go by- could not do this without Clare- thanks Clare. I also enjoyed seeing the kids battle for their spot just before the finish.  Too bad Clare didn't hear me yelling- watch out for the "green one"….green was a Newark Catholic runner. Clare told me she had no idea the girl in green was so close and she did hear one encouraging word I yelled on the course.  By the way she stayed strong and in front of the close opponent as she crossed the finish line.  Both did OK with their runs- I'm proud of their participation.  I'm very proud of all the runners and grateful for the coaches and families that make up the Cross Country family.  6 years in a row these teams- all 6 have won the league title.  Interested in knowing more- talk to us- we love to help connect kids and family to this program.

Bluegrass in Downtown Newark!  Woo hoo- we love bluegrass and love to support downtown.  Denisonians played a big role in this- alumnus Tom Atha was the coordinator and Andy Carlson, Casey Cook and their incredible students were everywhere yesterday.  What a treat to have this music offered all day yesterday.  Joe took Sally to Nutcracker rehearsal then walked over to spend time. He heard some great music- during the break he went to the Draft House. He enjoyed a $2 Molson Canadian.  After Sally's rehearsal she and Clare went to The Works while Joe and I took in more music and more Draft House time.  We took the girls home and regrouped.  We returned to..The Draft House and Sparta for late night bluegrass.  It has been a long time since I've been a bar that crowded with so much happy energy.  It was a delight to be part of the fun. Shout out to the awesome food trucks- the late night pizza was east cost yumminess.  The Works glass pumpkin pop-up was a great touch too. That block of Main Street was really ideal for such a festival and a big thank you to all the made it possible.

Joe and I left around 9- just too crowded for us- we wanted to give up our good spot at the bar.  We were not ready to go home so we decided to take in the last quarter of the Denison night football game.  We picked up the kids and headed to campus.  Another delightful way to enjoy Denisonians and a fun atmosphere.  Denison has been inviting local high school bands to play during the game.  What a treat to hear Lakewood last night.  They did a great job.  Denison was doing well to come back against Wittenburg- it didn't happen but they gave it a good try.  

I will say I slept very well last night- lots of fresh air- cool crisp and filled with fun.  Today was church time, family breakfast at the favorite coffee house. We met a Denison football Dad while in line. We took in Peter's baseball game with Joe's parents.  Fun to see the team rally and win their game.  Lots of good plays and runs scored to keep it interesting.  Peter loves to be on the ball field and I love to watch him- even it was a bit chilly.  Picture posted on the left is from today's baseball game.

We ended the day with family dinner-big kids ate with church group but joined us for a roll and discussion.  We're in prep mode for a day trip to Keeneland this week!! We talked about analytics and odds - math time!!A lovely weekend in Denison's hometown- how lucky are we to raise our family here and live on Newark-Granville Road.

**adding Friday night Newark-Granville Symphony Concert!  WOW!  The symphony sounded amazing on their own and supporting a fantastic performer-Liz Callaway.  What energy, what a voice and what fun selections.  I loved getting to sing along with DOWNTOWN- I loved that song when we put a dance routine to it at Camp when I was Sally's age!  Seeing Peter Larson in action was something else- he composed one of the songs she sang - an Off Broadway production.  Joe did Granville Football fun with Peter in the band so Shirley Hale - our Granville Grandma- my Pi Phi House mother- went with me- so glad it was the concert not to miss.  Common Thread added an amazing element too- love their music and with the orchestra included- wowza! Thanks to Sue Larson and the amazing team that makes that happen- again Denison plays a key roll with their support and performing arts commitment and outlets!!

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