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Sunday, October 19, 2014

down to the races…..

What a treat to share Keeneland with the kids!  No school on Friday (in October) gave us the perfect opportunity to head south and enjoy a day that connects to our annual Derby Party.  The kids have watched the races on TV but nothing beats the real thing.  I fell in love with Keeneland when I lived in Maysville, KY and a good friend shared this great day out with me.  Over the years it has been a delight to share it with others- Joe when we were dating, Marcia Downs and Works volunteers when our theme was "Off to the Races" and this weekend the kids.

Life on Newark-Granville Road loves an adventure. When you load up the kids and head out- it is always an adventure.  This trip was no different.  We were lucky to friends like the Mattimoes that also enjoy Keeneland trips.  Fun to share our day out and have overlap. Loved having Charlotte with us on the way down and Clare was happy to extend her day in Lexington and having quality time with her other family on the way home.  We arrived early enough to enjoy a southern breakfast at the Track Kitchen.  The website states this is a great secret and I'd agree. Follow signs on the grounds and park for an inexpensive cafeteria style meal.  You see the people that make Keeneland work and you feel like your with the locals. We then walked through the stables to the Grandstands/ClubHouse.  A favorite element of Keeneland is how friendly everyone is- we were so welcomed and encouraged.  The interaction with staff was exceptional and truly like nothing I've experienced.  Peter is our engager- he made friends with many staff - always fun to witness. (He also does this as catcher with umpires- makes baseball watching all the more fun.)

The kids really loved our time together in Lexington. It was a quick trip- we only watched four races. We're all looking forward to a return trip that will allow us to stay longer.  Valuable lessons were learned- odds explained and discussed. Clare and Charlotte were the big winners on race number 3- the rest of us not so much.  I really don't like to bet but will spend a little bit to engage with the race and try my hand at the lessons Joe shares.  We found our take aways that make us smile- my Keeneland pen will remind me of our family outing south of Newark-Granville Road.

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