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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Road Trip North

I don't know if I have many Cleveland readers but if I do know I encourage you to get your Christmas Tree from Sugar Pines Farm!  Link below!

Denisonians from my era- remember Jane Milbourn- now Neubauer- she and her family own and run this beautiful tree farm!  I've seen the website, read the articles and knew it was wonderful- but to see it in person was amazing!  Congratulations and thank you for being an amazing business woman, mom, daughter, wife, friend- yay you!

Can you tell I left Newark-Granville Road and traveled north?  I was in Cleveland for work and was able to connect with friends that are connected to my work- how great is that!  We started the morning with a classmate that is quite the financial whiz and Cleveland aficionado- so good to catch up Rini and thanks for the info for Nancy!  My coworker and I had a lovely time together and I enjoyed introducing her two these amazing women I was lucky to meet at Denison.

It was good to get out and share the good things The Works is doing and be with folks that are connected to my life on Newark-Granville Road.  The bonus was the loaner/rental car while Martha the Sequoia is in the shop- Road Trips are a fun part of life on NGR!

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