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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

art on the big screen!

I've been craving a night at the movies. Rainy days have come and gone and it hasn't worked to escape to the cinema.  When the field hockey game was cancelled due to rain and nothing prevented it- I took my chance.  The kids finished up homework, prepped for tomorrow and then I shared the fun- off to the movies! " What are we seeing?"they chimed in unison.  I explained we were seeing " The Boxtrolls" because I've been anxiously awaiting this release.  I want to see this art on the big screen!

At work @ The Works- we've had lovely company in the gallery. For three months illustrators' art have been in the exhibit- "Storytellers-The Art the Story Book".  I was so happy to see friends seize their free time and take in the show this afternoon!  It ends on Saturday so take one last visit or see it before it leaves!  Graham Annable the artist from Boxtrolls provided a video showcasing Boxtrolls and the art for the big screen in this exhibit- fascinating.  I can't wait to visit his art (for sale!!) tomorrow morning. And I have to say it is an entertaining story with a great message.  The three Leithauser kids give it a thumbs up.  It was wonderful to be alone in the theater with my babies- all of us entranced with this stop animation film.

I have to share the other fun connections to the exhibit!! Boxtrolls is a partner with our Saturday fun in the gallery- Global Cardboard Challenge:   10-2 at The Works- join the imagination playground!  for details!  Carlo LoRaso did a great job curating this exhibit.  We all enjoyed artist John Skewes in town the week of HATSOFF! It was a treat to see his time here documented on his blog:  I've completely fallen in love with his character Larry- the darling dog exploring wonderful cities and places. I love the experience John Skewes gives children of all ages!

Life on Newark-Granville road is filled with art- it delights, teaches, transports, entertains and comforts us. How fortunate I am to experience art often beyond what is on a wall- I learn the how, why and have it accompany my beautiful life.

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