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Friday, October 3, 2014

Newark-Granville Road in the news and in art!

If a picture tells a thousand words- what does a painting say?  I'm delighted with what artist Bridgette Turner captured about life on Newark-Granville Road in oil on linen!

Did you see all the artists painting outside around town this week?  Did you see "our artist" in our yard on Newark-Granville Road? The Plein Air Society was here for two days and wrapped up the Granville time with a show and reception in the yard at Robbins Hunter Museum.  You may have noticed that too yesterday.  Silly me I was thinking the show would be inside the museum- a group of artists that paint outdoors - of course the gathering was on the lawn.   It was a beautiful event and I hope you'll read this article!!

So how did we get to have an artist set up in our yard and interpret our home? A friend and neighbor connected us with an artist collecting home owners willing to provide access to the plein air artists.  I jumped at the opportunity and recommended other locations as well.  I love the arts and supporting artist anyway I can.   That was the first step- 2nd step was random matching of artists to locations. It is a blind draw and we got lucky. Lucky to be selected and lucky to connect with this wonderful artist.  Not surprising there is more to the story with this artist.  Her studio is down the street from a good friend and colleague in Clintonville!  I love that we were able to figure this out yesterday.  I snapped a picture of the artist car so I would remember her name.  I look forward to visiting the studio and I hope you will too-

A few others things to share:
- painting was started on Clare's birthday making it just a bit more special.
-if I were to title this I would call it- "View from the Bus Stop"
-I love that we indeed had our pumpkins on the porch and our bright happy window box geraniums add to the cheer.

Plein air art travels off of Newark-Granville Road…you can enjoy it Sunday in Alexandria- 8am-3pm!! See details below.   or sunbear studio-

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