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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

love the people in this village!

I heard the forecast for high wind and was worried about the tree in the front yard.  Note to self- schedule the trimming!! (Have I reported that the Generator required for the sewer system install for our house/lot and the back entrance tiling/ powder room spruce up are complete!!  Problem is the back hallway leads to need for other projects- more painting, etc….)  Why do I forget the biggest issue we have with wind and our old house- doors!  Doors blow wide open.  I can't tell you how many messages I've received from people over the years about finding our door wide open.  I so appreciate people who stop and close them for us.  Some have been very concerned- as I use to be when I'd come downstairs in the morning to find the door wide open- that maybe an intruder was in the house- however I think most people by now get it.  Love our town and the people that care and take action.

Today that is what people did yet again but not for the house- for the dog.  Griffey took full advantage of an open door to go on a jaunt.  Who knows how long he was out and where he went.  If he upset your dog or yard I am sorry.  I hope he didn't scare too many people driving on Newark-Granville Road.  Thank you for always driving defensively and with much awareness on our street- runners of all ages, children of all ages and lots of pets (and deer) populate the paths and yards.  A shout out to the folks that saw Griffey and got him home.  Neighbors and friends alerted me directly and through friends about the issue. Of course I was in a meeting without my phone.  Love that coworkers were contacted too to make sure I was in the know.  Scott from McNally's stopped and ensured Griffey would stay home- he secured the door that didn't want to stay closed.  Griffey knows Scott and probably thought he was there to pick him up for a sleep over! What lovely service is that- thank you for helping my neighbor in a tricky situation and keeping Griffey safe.

Life on Newark-Granville Road is always full of exciting times and we so value how it is shared and supported in this wonderful community.

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