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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

thank you for the invitation….

...what a delight it was to be invited to a really fun gathering tonight that did good!  I love an auction and I really love when people get creative and innovative, and it is all the better when we gather at a place that is all about innovation and entrepreneurship!  Some amazing people put together an outing at Homestead Beer- beer, dinner and a tour.  This was auctioned off at an annual event put on at Moundbuilders Country Club to support SAAS and Breast Cancer Support and Early Dection.  Kay Barton is pretty special and rallys an incredible group to raise funds, awareness and a grand time.  The wonderful couple that bought/won the night out at Homestead included Joe and me.  We could not be more grateful.

So I learned some things tonight about beer.  I tasted some delicious ones- I am a lager girl and so enjoyed the Homestead Octoberfest!  My palate has expanded since marrying my use-to-home-brew guy.  So now I will enjoy a hoppy IPA and found the ten-penny quite delicious tonight.  I appreciated the tour to see what the Homestead process is, where they get their supplies, how well this young start-up business is doing and what the expansion plans are at the Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority!  I learned about oxidation in beer- warm beer being stored will oxidize.  Oxidizing affects flavor- won't harm you.  I also have high regard for these beer brewers. They are quite innovative in their recipes.  These small batch houses are quite the innovators and entrepreneurs. Life on Newark-Granville Road is impressed with the work being done at Homestead.

Life on Newark-Granville Road so values being included with a special group of people honoring, celebrating and supporting an important mission and good people!  It was the perfect month to enjoy an outing like this-October is Breast Cancer Awareness- make your appointment for a mammogram, see your doctor and encourage friends and family.  Cheers to all you survivors and those doing all you can to make a difference.

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