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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

tid-bits and teasers…

Lots I could blog about tonight but I'm tired so I'll just do some general sharing, some of these will get more press time in the future or I'll be happy to discuss- like at book club the night before election.

1. I learned today about the Family Services Levy on the ballot. Licking County cares for children who are not being cared for- we must continue this- there are too many children in need of this protection-over 300 and each year it grows. Learn what I did today:

2. Kusmaul Glass is beautiful- but it is not Works Glass.  I love the gallery and shop and the value it adds to downtown Granville.  However I don't buy my glass there- I buy my glass at The Works.  Custom, one of a kind functional art made in downtown Newark @ The Works.  A friend asked me tonight to clarify this- so I thought I'd share.

3.Oh my is the art by Michael McGinn for the new exhibit in The Works Gallery beautiful!! Scenes of Licking County are really beautiful.  Please come to the opening on Friday night 6-8 pm!  Peppermint Farm, downtown Newark, Pennsylvania Station, The Midland, Green Velvet/Downtown Gville highway scenes, barns-and the best is Michael fell in love with our community while spending time painting it!

4. 100 plus women who care- Licking County- great night out!! Want to know more about this group- let me know- we make a difference and we learn about others who make lots of difference.  So glad to spend time with wonderful women tonight- and a potential new member!

5. Old Horeshoe in Johnstown- did a great job caring for 100+WWC tonight- hard working staff and good food in GORGEOUS location. Support this pub please- great beers on tab and snacks!!

That is going to do it for tonight….to be continued on Newark-Granville Road.

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