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Monday, October 6, 2014

date night!

I remember fondly Saturday nights growing up and my parents going out, often dressing up in formal wear. I can remember the scent of perfume, the sound of chiffon or taffeta swooshing and recall the delight in the preparations.  Maybe this is why I enjoy dressing dinner club outings in our life on Newark-Granville Road.  This picture was snapped at Saturday's Alfretta Dinner Club.  Saturday night took a theme of 1951- reflecting on the group's rich history.  (This is why Joe is in a white dinner jacket in October) We had a lovely night with friends and cuisine.  The new Linden Alley (3rd floor of Brews) hosted us well providing an intimate venue and delicious dinner- in particular the antipasto and  mushroom ravioli! If you are interested in learning more about nights out like these I hope you'll contact me as I love to share fun things in our community and this is a delightful way to secure a special evening with my husband and friends.

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