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Sunday, December 9, 2012

all ties together......

Thanks for the feedback on yesterday's tree search called doubt you are anxious to hear the rest of the story!  As promised it will continue to make for blogging material- you may get tired of tree commentary.  You have to know I love trees.  I love Christmas Trees, old trees, new trees, ornamental, classic.  Evergreen and...Okay- you get the is no wonder I love this special family tradition.  It is no wonder I love Wib Mock's work- his show is wonderful, please come see it @ The Works!!  I have an important meeting tomorrow so I'll get to the point.

I'm going back to perfection- here I thought I came up with that notion on my own yesterday when reflecting on our tree turned kid hunt. Last week's sermon at FPC Granville was exactly what I needed to hear for so many reasons. My big take aways were engage, don't just be on the sidelines- get involved. It is OK if you aren't perfect-you're there!  Make yourself vulnerable and you'll grow, be brave! And with God all things are possible.  There was so much in the sermon that I had sort of moved the perfect part to the back of my mind- but it made its way out in the blog yesterday.  Today's Sunday School class was what I needed this week! We reflected and shared and talked about many aspects of last week's wonderful sermon (thank you Rev. Karen Chakoian)  I also want to thank my church friends for encouraging me to attend class and commented on my participation- it means a great deal and also thank you to the wonderful Sunday School teachers to get the kids there too!

So guess what - we did indeed go back out today and get a tree!  We went to our favorite place from year's past- Messerall's.  We went after Peter's basketball game in Johnstown (1st one of the season- GREAT game), which was immediately after choir practice, after church, after ss- full morning.  Due to the packed morning were far from prepared- 2 out of 5 of us were- and the mud was thick and deep. I know you are all shocked that I was one of the Leithausers not in boots- I LOVE my rain and snow boots but forgot. Anyway....most of you know we have repainted and executed a fun new color plan for 1142 Newark-Granville Road and totally changed the furniture- which means holiday layout is new too!  We went away from our fat blue spruce last year to the Canaan Fir as felt it was a better fit. Today in the field we were drawn back to the Blue Spruces....but just didn't find one that called to us, and admittedly I was worried about tree's new space with the drapes so we made our way over to the Canaans and found a lovely tree- very tall but we figured we'd trim him down.   We had fun with everyone taking their time with the saw, we loved the tractor rides in the gorgeous country- such beautiful views.  The raining fog reminded Joe of the first time he made it to this farm- the year Peter saved Xmas as family lore refers to it!! Listening to Peter tell the story to the tractor driver was a highlight of my day. I have to say putting that tree on the car was so wonderfully satisfying- if I could drive around with tree on car all season- I would! I love my wreath on my car- that helps but there is something about the tree.  (By the way Messerall's has new barn, new pattern- change was a bit hard- kids missed the tree house big time- but the wreaths, coco, cookies and other goodies were lovely.)   Westerville Leithausers you were very missed. Kids all said it wasn't the same....I hope this will carry over and the lesson from yesterday will be remembered!

The tree is now in the house and guess what- it is far from perfect- it is a bit too petite but it is sweet. The color is gorgeous, but the scent not quite right.  (The boyscout evergreen roping around the doorways has a beautiful scent.)  The tree is here and it makes me happy.  Driving through town everything felt a bit more special and festive.  The tree fun will continue as we decorate- not sure when but we will. The Christmas preparations are moving along- lists are being made and checked twice (another connection to past blog and things that make me happy), change is being embraced and lessons are being learned.  I hope you too are at peace and in a good place, thanks for reading and sharing my life on Newark-Granville Road.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Susan I actually started to cry..what a wonderful post and I can close my eyes and hear Peter tell his story. May God bless you not with perfection...but with love and hugs and good health! You are so blessed. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

SSLeithauser said...

Mary Helen it was so good to see you today! The partnership and support you are giving the artist you introduced to me was all over her face! thank you for all your support and love to all!