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Thursday, December 27, 2012

filled with Tradition!

The holidays are filled with traditions for us and we love that the kids drive most of them! Nothing makes me happier than when we hear "we have to- it is a tradition" This year we shifted a few traditions around a bit but kept them going with a new twist!!  Here are some of the highlights:
1. Whit's on the last day and opening day- this year we had some deliveries to make so we managed to enjoy our holiday Whit's in Pataskala this year! Bonus with arrival during the last half hour- an extra quart went home with us and as many freeze pops as we could carry!  Kids were pleased with this and it counted as the last Whit's of the season so we skipped the Granville final day.  But we can't wait to know the opening day in 2013! We'll probably visit Pataska for their February opening day to show our appreciation for the extra treats!
2. Ice Skating- we LOVE that our friends The Prophaters and their friends now ours too- The Jumps- host such a fun energy extracting/ Santa distracting activity in Dublin, Ohio!  The kids adore the opportunity and we do too! Great group gathers and the exercise is a treat!!   The tradition has been declared to include Max and Erma's for lunch and include dear friend Charlotte!
3.  Looking at the lights on Christmas Eve - instead of being in PJS- this year we had a full night of friends and festivity- so the fun included snow ball fights in gorgeous downtown Granville and a quick drive up Bryn Du before falling into bed for sweet dreams.
4. Charm bracelets are beloved in my family and so they've become a standard gift. Sally lost hers at some point and asked Santa to make sure she had one this year!  The picture to the right shows that he delighted her on Christmas morning!  Clare had a new horseshoe charm in her stocking too!
5. Beef Fondue- many times this has been on the Christmas Eve menu- on Newark-Granville Road and Ridge Avenue, Forrest Drive.....childhood homes!  This year it was Christmas Dinner in Hagerstown Maryland.  Not one pot- but three were needed including the children's table having its own!!

I hope you've had your fun with your traditions and they've made your holidays bright!!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

What a blessed year you have lived...Sally loves her bracelet...this is something good to remember! happy New Year! you are so loved! Peace for us all! Mary Helen