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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

is beginning to look a little bit like Christmas, and we're mixing it up

Ahhhh- putting things in motion is good for my soul!  We've got the Nanny interviews started- thank you Joe!  We've got more than a wreath on the door going- we're changing things up this year! I hadn't thought about how the yellow walls would impact my/our Christmas decorating!!  The new furniture lay outs and such don't just affect where the tree goes but how it all gets displayed.  I'm not a holiday decorator really. I admire and appreciate others that make it all match and look so beautiful.  Our trees growing up were always "toy" trees and it has spilled over to influence the way I don the home.  Tonight I started to reflect on the journey and why things are out that are out....I'll describe for now and you can look for things I share now in future pictures.

I remember pretty well decorating in my first apartment- I used apples cored with plaid bows pinned to the front for candle holders and went from there.  The 2nd year I was able to use lovely Santas that were given to me my the Federal Mogul Omaha Distribution Center on 61st Street team- Gary and Stan- or better yet Colleen- Gary's wife I suspect- helped the guys give me a lovely present.  Please know those Santas still have a special place in the living room!  When we moved to this house we got a bit more involved with actual decorating and brought the fun of a candy theme to the dining room area- I LOVED IT!  I also loved the Nutcrackers that were introduced with a bit more influence when Clare joined the COYB production.  I found a Scottish one and a baker one that fit so well and were used in a variety of places throughout out the years- yes the one in plaid often ended up at the bar!!  Dear friends and Sally's godfamily- godfather and darling family give Sally a snow globe each year  (sally is our snow angel arriving in the ice storm) and pulling them out this year they called to be together in a collection- that is what is on the mantle at this point- nutcrackers and snow globes that are really the childrens' not ours- I'm thrilled they want them this year in family space and not in their rooms! sally went running to her room to bring the nutcracker she was given when attending this year's performance with a friend!!

The dining room is being transformed from sweets to trees.  The beautiful Kathy Anderson painting of Ash Tree grove has its home and is the inspiration. And for the record this is Joe's Christmas gift from us!!  A number of years ago I was lucky enough to purchase an unearthed Jeny Reynolds Jesus birthday piece that I reframed and adore.  It has been in the living room adorned by other christmas trees- initiated by Rowen Sharkey's that I bought at the Festival of Trees!  It is now joined by a metal tree that holds my beloved collection of porcelain ornaments.  Beth Jenkins- my adopted Granvile Granmother from my denison and beyond days gave me exquisite cut outs by Pat Wortham.  I picked up a few in the past years and love them all but the early ones selected by Beth for me during my Denison days and early professional years mean the world to me.  Dear friend Cydmarie (who visited from Nebraska TODAY!!!) also gave me the very special Margaret Furlong shell angels each year and they compliment the PW's so very well.  I'm very happy with their new home in our cozy abode on Newark-Granville Road, with a wreath surrounding them given to me this year by a dear friend!

Another thing you'll find helping set the stage is our Christmas Socks/Stockings.  We have hand-knit ones from Judy Shideler, Tina Angel and fun ones from Rini and Megan- all were wedding gifts! Lucky for us we have two mantles and a stair case that calls for such decoration!

The best and brightest and most sincere and pure tradition comes from Clare and now Sally.  The nativity set with its "choir".  Years ago dear Aunt Ann gave our children the "little people' nativity.  We played with it for ages. Last year we gave it to Louisa who loves it equally- she also have the Nanny Sue Elmo train- I could tell Peter was missing it this year!!  We grew up and found a Schleich (thanks Kim!) set that reflects Clare, Peter and Sally's position in life.  What has remained constant is the various ornaments and little statues that have been assembled to be the choir and join the various nativity players to be present in this miracle.  Clare did it for YEARS. At first it annoyed me that this crowd was taking up space where the nativity should be.  However the innocent and pure love of this activity can't be dismissed.  And last night I came across the repeated activity and I assume Clare was back at it.  Today I found Sally reassembling, moving the choir around and asked if she had done it yesterday- she said- oh yes- it is a happy thing to do Mommy. And she is right- preparing for this blessed and amazing season is a happy thing.  It was just what I needed to do tonight!! I hope you are finding time to soak in all the joys and join me in accepting the changes that are part of this beautiful life and making it work.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am just smiling reading all of this activity in your home and how the children move things around. Merry Christmas dear friends. Mary helen Fernandez Stewart