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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Making Lists....

I always feel better when I make a list.  It is just who I am.  I know this is my "J" in the Myers-Briggs side of things.  In the Strength Indicator I'm not as articulate but I know it is in there......Today's list includes:
-Goodwill Drop
-Post Office, must mail mom's birthday gift
-Make Sally's Dr Apt- schedule extra time for Africa conversation
-Then of course there is a huge work list and the executing home stuff....

It will be a full day and I'm ready to get started.  Reality is my "J" is a weak J.  I'm somewhat organized and utilize lists and I do like closure, but when multi-tasking like I do I may not get it all done and the lists just grow on Newark-Granville Road. For instance another reason I need to go to the post office is to mail my brother's birthday gift (Nov 15th- eek1) when I mail my mothers.

I wish you all well with your lists- I'll let you know how I do with mine!!

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