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Saturday, December 8, 2012

is far from perfect....

So it was one of those days- we knew we were trying to put too much into it! At least we didn't loose a child this time, although we almost did! Sister in law Ann Leithauser dubbed it well- the tree hunt turned into a child hunt instead.  Today was about family tradition and basketball and they just didn't fit together. However the reality is basketball is a family tradition and it was nice to be back in the gym with friends- Granville family- seeing the kids engaged, their progress and the good efforts and team work. And if I do say so myself- they looked really good for picture day!!  We loved our breakfast at the Galena Diner- what a delicious place for breakfast- I hope to try other meals there in the future and go back for bfast for the corned beef hash. The Molly Eggs Benedict was YUMMY! So the lost kids story....admittedly our children- 3 or ours and 2 cousins were not very well behaved during breakfast. We sent them outside to explore while we finished our meal and our dining mates could have some peace and quiet.  When we went to get them - couldn't find them.  We spend probably 10 minutes driving around Galina- a small town to begin with- the good news is they found a park, a Frisbee and were having fun- just not in sight of us.  Yes Life on Newark-Granville Road is far far from perfect but it is pretty darn good. Lets see what the evening holds and when we end up with a Christmas Tree.  It is OK- we love these stories and will remember the year we didn't get the tree.  When we do get a tree will be another blog opportunity!!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Your life sounds just right!!! You may be busy but you are blessed! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart