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Saturday, December 15, 2012

We need a little Christmas.....

Yesterday for me was a good day.  Sometimes being in a bubble (what we called life in Gville while at Denison) is a good thing.  It was a productive fun friday at work, it was Friday and the kids were feeling much better (influenza A made its way to us...future blog material no doubt!)  I didn't access any sort of news so I had no idea of the tragic events in Connecticut going on until I checked email and WHAM there it was- in my own life.  I'm so sorry for all those directly involved, for our nation but for my own friends who had a close friend killed yesterday.  And on top of that Granville is mourning the loss of a mother, friend, wife, artist who was glowing in new energy (I shook her hand the day before she was at The Works preparing for an upcoming exhibit.)  There is certainly too much sadness all around.  And just what we needed here on Newark-Granville road- Christmas!

Today is Leithauser Christmas which means last night was Leithauser Christmas Eve!  We put lights on the tree, wrapped gifts, ate as a family, cooked for the family feast, sang some carols (thank you  Lawre for emailing this link

The kids all went to bed again at good time- worn out- and Joe and I watched Chevy Chase's Christmas  Vacation. I haven't seen it in years and it was just the kind of silly humor I needed! The dog moving his portable yard to the top of the stairs - so smart- he was planning to escape under with the cage hanging over the steps- had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants.  We had to run to Walmart for the range of mouse traps to final gifts to lights for the tree (NOT my favorite place) we left Peter in the car to rest.  I went to get him and set the car alarm off- we had locked him in.  His expressions, my annoyance broken by the silly situation was a lovely relief.   Christmas is exactly that a beautiful relief and reminder and we need to embrace it and the preparation for it and this wonderful time of year.

Hug your family- I can't wait for our special day to be united and together. We'll watch our niece and god daughter in the Nutcracker and the beautiful dream.  Life  on Newark-Granville Road is ready for Christmas!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Thank you for blessing me with such a memorable recognition of the beauty of this season. I wish you Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart