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Monday, December 3, 2012

sharing the past....

I shout out to the West Licking Historical Society's Tour today.  I only made it to two stops but I really enjoyed both opportunities to show Sally about what has come before us.  The Mead-Nedham House is beautiful with great exhibits- erector set Ferris wheel, wind-up train (30s era toys!), interesting information on Pataskala area history and then a wind-up Victrola.  Sally hear a record- her first probably- music from a needle and volume control was via opening and shutting the cabinet's doors!  It was a beautiful thing for so many reasons.  The volunteers/docents were just wonderful and it was a pleasure to spend some time with each of them. I love when I learn something and it so beautifully given and shared.  Today was filled with moments like that all in the holiday spirit as we prepare on Newark-Granville Road, the holiday spirit has arrived!

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