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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Ahhhhh- vacation has started!  You all know how much I love my job and December has been an amazing month for my role.  I've appreciated each and every gift that has made its way to The Works, fun to see what comes in this month!!  I've loved the chance to say thank you and celebrate all the amazing efforts that allow The Works to achieve its mission in 2012.  Reality is I didn't get to everyone and I'm sorry about that- but I was able to connect with many many and it was a gift in itself. As full and crazy as December is- I LOVE IT! (Please know it isn't too late to make a gift the Works and it is a wonderful cause. support- mail a check by December 31st to get your tax credit and help us achieve our AF goal or call Jenna next week and she'll take a credit card or stop by- The Works is open next Wed, Thur, Fri and Saturday!)

So today I put on the "out of office" message!  I worked late last night to file and leave the desk tidy and ready for when I return next year- 2013! And tonight I did a few deliveries to bring closure to a good year.  And now I'm on vacation!!!  It is December so there is still a fair amount to do tomorrow but we're close, really close! I made a fun trip to a special store (kids might be reading so I won't say any more) Tomorrow we'll enjoy a morning church service and I'll do a bit more shopping and then some wrapping and holiday party fun.  I just love people's festive hospitality at this time of year.

I also had the chance to connect in my home with friends - sharing our holiday decoration and enjoying some catch-up time.  As much as I love to give fun gifts- I love receiving them too! Some great thigns are coming in and we're having fun with creative presentation of kids school pics!  The kids are LOVING the snow and I feel the same happy spirit they do with the white shimmery scenery!!  Vacation on Newark- Granville Road is a good things and I appreciate your sharing it with me.  I hope you get to relax and enjoy the spirit of the season too!

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