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Thursday, December 13, 2012

shopping local.....

If I can't buy it here, I'm buying it local somewhere else...or better said- I'm supporting small business this Christmas!  Many of what I will give is from The Works- the glass and wood produced is unique, one of a kind, beautiful and supporting a great cause!! (yes there are still a few things for sale from show art exhibit by Wib Mock!!) The toys in the museum are awesome too- free gift wrap- and are all about fun learning!!

Other gifts are being tracked down in the stores where my family has seen them and shared the interest in an item- instead of buying it on line easily I'm contacting the store directly- it has been fun talking to store owners where my siblings live.

I started this draft earlier in December....we'll see if I can keep up the action as far as reaching out to buy local in other states!! What has been done has been fun.  Regardless I'm enjoying the local shops here- we're lucky to have these creative hardworking folks.