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Friday, December 7, 2012

takes us down the street.

My morning started at Denison. The Annual Breakfast and Industry Meeting was as always a wonderful opportunity to get updated on life on the hill, see good folks from the community and Denison and visit a building and connect with a place I value so very much.  Today President Dale T. Knobel shared his reflections and they were wonderful. I asked a question about opportunities to partner and work together (also thanking Dale for his leadership in this regard for The Works support from DU)  Dale quickly answered the question by encouraging folks to come to campus.  Attend concerts, sporting events, engage with the students.  I'm blogging about it to encourage you to do so! We stopped by the Denison Women's basketball game one night this week and it was a great treat!

I also love to go to the library- meetings, books, projects- I always leave happy.  This week was no exception! Make sure you get the opportunity to visit The Granville Public Library's Model Railroad Exhibit.  This wonderful show keeps getting better and better. It is more creative and well presented than previous years and it has always been well done! I had the chance to go through alone- I was attending a meeting at the Library and walked through.  So many wonderful childhood memories came rushing back, it was a nice treat! I can't wait to take the kids back and spend a bit more time.  The reality is you should plan to go a few times- it is that good and there is that much to see! I don't think it can be possible to take it all in the first time.  A big thank you to the volunteers that put this on- it must take hours.  Also thanks to the sponsors- great group that also appears to be growing- it is appreciated!!

Another good things about visiting the library- getting the scoop on an upcoming event.  Dec 21 2:30- Arthur Christmas will be shown- bring a pillow to watch!!  Dec 20th- Tween Teen- Grades 4-8 2:30 Hugo the Movie! What a smart time to plan something like this- no school, holiday to-dos- well done!  Life on Newark-Granville road is so much nicer with the GPL and Denison just down the street providing so many wonderful resources for us! Hopefully I'll see you there!
Sneak Peak: Library Train Theme- Grinch!!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Do you know if any more has come from the idea of a commission for the library?? I never heard back...just curious! Today was fabulous! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart