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Sunday, December 30, 2012

good stuff!

Today is a good day!  So far today I....

1. dropped Peter off at a pitching camp run by Derek Holland!  Okay as much as I get frustrated with the time and attention sports plays in our world (micro and macro) I can get excited by home town major league player- world series pitcher- interacting with my son and 25 or so more kids.  I loved seeing girls in the gym, I loved seeing the Newark team past and present interacting in this way.  I loved the variety of communities represented.  I loved Derek's opening message - have fun, don't pitch curve balls yet- don't get hurt.

2. Slept in...yes really slept in- got up when I needed and wanted to get up. Joe picked up Griffey and he found me in bed for a good cuddle hug love- twice!

3. I finished my blog book!  Thanks to the encouragement of many of you I found a way to print the blog.  I captured the first 100 blogs, and the photos that went with these and did the self-publish thing! It was super easy!  Fellow Bloggers- I encourage you to do this too!   Blog2Print is the web site!    I'll let you know how it turns out when I receive it in about 20 days....

So it has been a great day on Newark-Granville Road so doubt it will continue!

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