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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

is in motion!

I wrote this Sunday night to post Monday morning, but just didn't get to it.

Here we go....the last week of the working year.  What could and should be a simple week of tasks to wrap up is feeling very full.  But why am I surprised- the whole year has been like this.  It isn't about simple tasks- it is about being in the moment, recognizing what is important and what needs to be done now and achieves the real goal.  It has been an amazing year and it is paying off. It is real, genuine, hard, beautiful, messy and is what it is. I'm fired up- I'm ready- the journey is a beautiful thing and we're well into it and today it starts again, it continues and it ends- all at once.  Join me in seeing the beauty and thank you for helping me jump right in and embrace this life on Newark-Granville Road.

Now it is Tuesday night and it has been a full day.  The service for Lisa couldn't of been more beautiful. The love was there and her light was indeed shining.  The kids are happy and filled with anticipation and excitement and ready for their break.  As much as basketball preparation stressed me out I'm happy to have them all doing the same sport and there is much to be said for their caring coaches, skill building, active bodies and minds in scheduled indoor places with games that last one hour!! And the bottom line- they're happy.  We hired our new nanny this week too- thanks to the community for helping us with this one and helping us build our team!  The big package to Florida was shipped, wrapping for others is filling the evenings.  The tears flow pretty steadily when I think of CT but I'm able to find my heaven here on earth and count my blessings and hug those I hold dear in person and with cyber hugs from Newark-Granville road.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Your dedication to family and community will lift you up...standing still is essential for our journey. I am exhausted but I could feel Lisa Marie standing with me tonight...we are never alone. I wish you peace. Little Sally was looking bewildered...maybe seeing me out of The Works or she was feeling the emotions of the room. Peace ne with you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart