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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas until the 6th....

So another tradition that I've continued from my childhood is not taking the tree down until Epiphany. With Sally's birthday on this day (which was also my grandmother/Ga-Ga/Clara Schnebly Price's birthday) it makes it all the more festive and fun to keep things up.  This year I'm grateful as we need to enjoy this festive beautiful house on Newark-Granville Road a bit longer!!  I'm so glad we went to Maryland and added our fun in Pittsburgh (future blog entry about this great city and the Carnegie Science Center!!)- it was the right thing to do!  However it was time away and we were not in our home, enjoying our tree, relaxing in our way.  I also took the time to not do "tasks" so the reality is there are still some Works holiday - new years!!- cards to deliver and Christmas packages to mail- but it still Christmas in my mind!!

So here I am typing in my nest, happy to be sleeping in my bed- loved the hotel rooms- William Penn in particular!!  Loved being with my parents, but the reality is their house is small and 4 kids and all the extra holiday stuff add to the stress.  My kids are far from perfect and their squabbling gets on nerves.  Kids declared Nana meaner than Mom- mixed feeling about that one- but it is what it is.  We love each other and commit to being together and value the time.  Christmas isn't Christmas until I've had one of my mother's cut out cookies- super thin and crispy with sugar on top! This year she did pink and green - so perfect for this Lilly lover!  Louisa is darling and Sarah and Greg fit us in with family and work juggle....I do wish the world would slow down, but it won't.  We take what we get and enjoy the ride. And when we can we make it last as long as we can like Christmas on Newark-Granville Road! Look for our tree in the window for another week or so and know I'm savoring every minute and thankful to come home to such a special place.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Give yourself artist friend india Flint just reminded me...stillness to absorb the gifts we have been given from above...I love coming to your posts but i am awful with the robot test...remember i do own wires in my brain :0)! Happy new year, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart