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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And the rest of the story......1st Day of School!i

I love to share the what was happening while photos were being taken..... and this one is a sweet one....Here is the first day of school on Newark-Granville Road 2013- August.

5:45 am Yep we were awake, knowing we had to get up and get everyone up to meet our morning timetable.  The kids asked for Joe to play revelry on his trumpet- now Peter's trumpet- so I encouraged him to do so.

6:01 am- Revelry

6:30- everyone downstairs ready to go, having breakfast- homemade smoothies with berries picked this summer and frozen and.....pop tarts!  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

6:55- This photo- they gathered without protest, the smiled without threat...I LOVE THIS PHOTO- it may be my all time favorite and I've taken a lot of photos.....

7:00- we said hello to our new bus stop mates...haven't seen Dana in ages- how fun to reconnect.
7:03- waved goodbye to Clare, met new bus driver!

7:10 - Sally and Peter watching TV, big hugs to Mom, Susan to work......

7:12  Email this photo to family!

I did see a photo of the 8 am bus stop- darling and happy group- YEAH Joe for putting them on that bus in happy way and documenting it.  Deduction for not texting me photo....thank heavens for facebook.

Great day- LOVE the first day of school....although I did get teary on drive to work...grateful for convertible to lift my spirits...they're growing up.

Tonight we're all a bit tired...5:45 was' actions are again sharing more than their words. They didn't rave with positive declarations about the day but did all talk and talk and talk and vow to listen more is in full gear!  Field Hockey game tomorrow so we're making sure all projects and "homework" is done tonight! So the picture tells the story and the blog gives you the rest of the story on Newark-Granville Road today.  Thanks for sharing the fun of the first day of school.

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