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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

hands-on stewardship.

Today was a good day! Nothing like a little hard work to get the endorphins going and a project you really care to lift the spirits.  The Works is closed this week and we're cleaning, organizing, planning, cleaning, face lifting, painting and cleaning.  A lot of people are working really hard and it is amazing to see and experience.  A lot of special things are coming up and we want to be ship shape....but we do this every year because we care. 

We care about our members and guests that visit and want an incredible fun learning experience- not having things clean and in working order isn't acceptable. This week helps us do exactly that and more...we get to pull out some new things for our guests. Marcia keeps this as a high priority - we need things to be fresh!  We also want to make sure we're keeping up with learning in the 21st century and tied to our mission and exhibits to give everyone a cross disipline engagement to enhance the education!

This is what Howard LeFevre gave to our community and it our job to make sure we execute that legacy.  Wonderful donors, members, volunteers and staff make sure that happens and they trust us to use funds and time wisely to deliver our mission. This week is what that is all about- stewardship.  Stewardship is a key part of my life on Newark-Granville Road and down the road at The Works.

Today I had the privilege of executing the annual cleaning of a bronze sculpture- Journey of the Imagination- boy in of my all time favorite pieces of art.  I scrubbed him clean and then waxed to protect the material from pollution.  I was able to have my own hands-on learning as I took in the phases of the moon and planets that were unknown to me on this statue.  I recalled with pleasure the fun my own children had with this boy and his dreams and the privilege we had to meet the artist. 

I love how this piece ties to our upcoming special events at The Works this year and connects to a wonderful supporter- Boeing.  Flight/Aviation/Aeronautics- one of our amazing 2013-14 STEM themes!  The dedication of the new sculpture- Jerrie Mock- is getting close- Sept 14th and shouldn't be missed.  We all need to know Jerrie's story, take pride in this hometown hero and tell her story.  I asked my children last night who was the first woman to fly around the world...they said Amelia E....I stopped them- no no no- we've been talking about Jerrie Mock for a year! It was Jerrie Mock....the kids had a lemonade stand to raise funds for the isn't sinking yet...we'll keep tyring and I'll keep talking and typing.   Her story is amazing and her book will be available  at the dedication- Clare is getting one for her birthday! The cliff notes version is she is from the South End of Newark, graduated from Newark High. A dear volunteer was in her class and says she was a smarty! She followed her dream and fixed up a Cessna airplane with her husband and then she flew around the world.  She was a Bexley housewife. She followed her dreams.  The story of the flight is wonderful too and I could go on and on....I'll continue to share about this in the future but I have to leave some for the 14th too!  

The statue is stewardship too...donors have made the statue happen through the Licking County Foundation and we're grateful for the partnership.  Donors want the story to be told and for Jerrie's legacy to keep inspiring....and that is what we're doing with our mission, cleaning, preparation for the rest of the year and into 2014 and it is quite and honor and makes for a good day on Newark-Granville Road.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This is a wonderful post...and I can feel Howard smiling down on you all. Our daily hospital visits and doctors.... keep us going ans we have the closing on 9/6/13 on the tiny grandma house. I have been keeping busy ...setting up the smaller location and building a nest...of sorts for my artists to come and stay for a retreat in our cabin. You are right...hard work..polish...paint...spiritual baptism of preparing our passions and keeping them fresh! Peace, Mary Helen