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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Julia!

thank you Janice- great post on Facebook....I love to share other blog posts and when they tie to something that makes my life on Newark-Granville Road better.......and hard shell crabs make my life better!  Reading Julia Child and cooking from her cook books....makes my life (and Joe's) better!  Most of you know I'm from Maryland and grew up eating hard shell crabs.  The blogger's first experience very well may be the restaurant where Joe and I ate with friends hours before he proposed in Annapolis, Maryland!  The food is fantastic, but it is also the ritual.  I also love this blog as it talks about having the proper tool for the seafood task.  I loved my summer job after my junior year on the NJ short- LBI/ Beachhaven- in the evenings I was in the kitchen prepping oysters, making shrimp cocktails, keeping the salad bar stocked, plating desserts...I even made the early bird special rice pudding dessert...but learning how to open oysters- meant the world to me.  The blog is also extra special as it ties to my favorite Smithsonian of them....and of course I love the Smithsonian experience all the more with our Works affliation....I grew up every break visiting and exploring these Amercian treasurers!

Okay- a favorite activity in our lives on Newark-Granville Road....Nutcracker auditions...and performance (Thanksgiving weekend) at the Midland in Newark!  Clare did this two years and it was a fantastic experience.  She made friends from all over the county and beyond.  She learned what it takes to pull off a production, she gained confidence and skill and I'm grateful for my family for building our Thanksgiving around this experience.  It is now Sally's turn!  She will audition this Saturday at 1 pm....if you have a child who would like to partake email me now!  Boys and adults will be needed for party scene too if it is similar to past years.  "All the world is a stage" after all.....

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Wonderful post!!! I love the Nutcracker !!! Go Sally! Go Sally!
Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart