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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bad News Bears and Church made us Happy.

Family movie night....we've waited and waited.  Joe watched the Bad News Bears ages ago to see if it was appropriate for the wasn't.  But are finally old enough to watch it with the opening lecture about how this movie allows certain language and behavior to happen we don't approve actually added another aspect to watching a movie...a movie beyond just baseball fun....the kids were commentating on what was and wasn't appropriate.  It was a fun night.  Joe's Mom is here to help us with this last week of summer babysitting needs which is amazing.  Plus she helps with the crazy open house and transition to school- I'm so grateful.  Nice to have her with us as we watched the movie as Joe remembers it being his first PG movie- he was 8 (Sally's age) when his Mom took him.

It has been a good day on Newark-Granville Road.  We started with church and led by the youth of our church- it was amazing.  Four students gave wonderful reflections for the sermon.  One young woman in particular did an incredible job talking about aspect of motion in religion and the perspective between right and wrong, sorrow and joy....and religion's pull to keep us happy, safe and protected.  Our baptism is the starting place and pulls us back over and over again....I've known this, defined this concept in my own ways with figure eights and such but here is a 17-18 year old already understanding this grounding joy giving concept- alleluia!

Life on Newark-Granville Road wore Joe and Peter out with new sports starting up, Clare's entered a new place with Youth Choir and we prepared more for the start of school....transition time will need the grounding comfort shared at church today and family time with lessons and laughs makes life on Granville Road a good place to be.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

JOY Joy Joy!!!!!!!!!!

Peace, MHFS