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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

and tonight's award goes to.....

I've never attended the Golden Globes or Academy Awards.....but tonight watching my dinner companion accept the 1st Licking County STEM Educator Award at the Licking County Chamber Awards Event was an awesome moment in my Works tenure.  So here is what happen....I was sort of caught of guard by my reaction.

I knew all about this award.  I worked on the funding for this award- thank you Boeing and State Farm. The award wasn't just an honor and a trophy (one of kind glass award) it was $1000 to spend as the teacher wants as a thank you for all she did to further STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in her class room.  I knew it was happening and we'd have the winner at our table.  We enjoyed our evening, chatted about upcoming events, her efforts to connect with others to further enhance the outdoor classroom (they need a boardwalk way and eventually hope for a pavilion...if interested in helping fund this let me know!!)  We talked about the fun she has living in downtown Columbus, her six year old son, her finance....the night moved quickly.  The next thing we know we're applauding all the other wonderful award winners earlier in the program.  Wonderful businesses were honored- yay to our mechanic (just said hey to him this morning) Jeremiah- 3rd generation mechanic-woot woot!  The Metropolitan Hotel (as I said yesterday in my blog- love our nice downtown accommodations and meeting spot!) and Boeing- yes!! Also the STEM Company award winner....many great nominees there!!! While listening to the other recipients Melissa looked at me and said- oops my acceptance speech is a bit longer...and sure enough she opened her darling purse and took out the typed speech.  That is when it hit me I was at a real award event, she was prepared for this evening and the opportunity to share with business leaders what it meant to her....ahhh! Then it was my job to take photos for The Works when she was presented her award.  Sure enough it was a fantastic speech- she made me laugh (she'd prefer for us to wiggle in our seats and raise our hands) and made me cry and made me smile and feel good about what we're all doing in this amazign community to connect kids with businesses, to prepare for the future all around...THANK YOU Melissa Bell and all those you thanked and all the other awesome educators out there creating life long learners.  Thank you to the Licking County Chamber for a lovely evening.

Life on Newark-Granville Road Blog is inspiring me to start another blog at Work....entries like this are certainly connected to my life on Newark-Granville life balance can be tricky but I'm fortunate that my work is tied to my life- educating my kids and the kids in our community in fun life long learning skills....and it is why I was so touched by Melissa Bell and was delighted to spend the evening with her.

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