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Friday, August 23, 2013

the drive to Columbus...

No Blog Yesterday....this week is one of the busiest weeks I've had in some time....adding trips to Columbus for many reasons.....classes at the Columbus Foundation, work meetings, Field Hockey Game, etc....and I've loved each trip, each drive......yes I'm like to drive.  I like to venture off Newark-Granville Road. I like radio time, thinking time...I'm not a lone very often in this life on Newark-Granville Road.  I'm not complaining, I'm just stating the facts- thinking time doesn't happen often.  I'm an extrovert so it is OK but as we age we need balance and for me introvert and extrovert time is important.

Joe drives to Columbus/Dublin every day.  His commute is just part of his job.  There are days he doesn't like it- days with backed up traffic for the only reason that something has happened on the opposite direction side he is going....He loves his job and the commute is worth it.  He loves living on Newark-Granville the commute is worth it. 

I'm grateful for all the reasons I've gone to Columbus this week- each and every one of them- Columbus offers so much for us and I really haven't been over there often.  My absence has made my heart grow fonder.  And of course the critical component is the people and businesses we're interacting with in Columbus- good folk and I'm lucky to count them as friends, colleagues, business supporters.

So this blog is about the why...why is Columbus such a good city. I think it ties to why our community is such a good community. Of course again it is the people- people with good values!  This is what defines the Midwest...although I think we're mideast.  This is a common conversation I have- it what you talk about when you have time to get to know someone. I've talked about it with the new Denison President assessing Denison's strengths and he is impressed with our Midwest location and values.  We've been talking about it at The Works with our Smithsonian "Places of Innovation" project.  Don't get me wrong- I LOVE the east coast, the pacific northwest, the south- all have things that I admire....but this is home now and I enjoy reflecting on this wonderful area and seeing the positive and growth it offers.  

Now it is time to get ready for another trip to Columbus.....the only thing it doesn't give us is the extra hours in the day as Life on Newark-Granville life is full of good things to enjoy.

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