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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

one two three, omm-paa-paa

Life isn't always a cha-cha- steps forward and back, some times it is a polka! And guess what a polka is a whole bunch of figure eights....Anyone who knows me and this blog knows I love the figure eight analogy and how we come and go, cross over, repeat, draw in and out and toward one and things.  Tonight was an evening of learning how to Polka!

I did learn to polka as a pre-teen- Mrs. Burtner's dance class at the Women's Club of Hagerstown, MD. And as a result I polka best with my brother Matthew, who also learned from Mrs. Burtner.  When given the opportunity to take a polka lesson tonight with my friend Bill Snider- I jumped at it.  Joe strongly encouraged me as well and I'm so glad I did.

It was great to meet our WONDERFUL instructor. He grew up in Detroit with all sorts of ethnic influence and has parents that loved to dance.  He was so positive, encouraging and comfortable to be with for our dance lesson.  I had a WONDERFUL partner.  Bill is so easy to be with and it was fun to do something not Works related with this incredible Works volunteer. We need to practice and we both left with homework.  Works friends if you can't find me I may be in the wood shop doing the polka!

So where does one Polka on a Wednesday night you might ask...The Newark Mannerchor:  German American club with wonderful people, located on the river, in a simple setting-we so enjoy it there. We're grateful to the club for hosting our Volunteer Picnic for The Works for years.  As a result of that first visit I joined and enjoy the events and company whenever possible in this busy life on Newark-Granville Road. What they do really really well.....Spaghetti!  The 1st Wed of each month is Spaghetti night and it is fantastic. The kids love it- we go whenever we can and do take-out if need be!  Join us some day- we'd love to have you with us.

The day was filled with many great things- the sunrise, the return of TILT to the museum- lovingly refurbished by a devoted volunteer, really good cleaning, great planning and conversation about development work, planning for the upcoming Jerrie Mock Sculpture Unveiling, home base of FPC for a full evening that included dinner with church family and then an evening of German fun with friends...yes Das Leben ist schön auf Newark-Granville Straße!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am so happy you are back to the Polka...I used to dance this as a child. Mannechoire spelling? is a special palce in my heart...the Keller family were very much like an adopted parents for Ken and myself. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart