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Monday, August 12, 2013

Figure Eights Fun!

It has been an outstanding week in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  My life here is thanks to my Denison University experience and I've surely blogged about the providence that put me here. I believe we're in relationships with good people and we come and go, looping by, in and out from people and places.  This week my Denison friends and I pulled back in and the connections were lovely- absolutely lovely.

Yesterday I went to the Cleveland area with the three kids to meet up with the group I hold dear and have kept in touch with very well- The Pi Phis.  A number of my sorority sisters and I email, have traveled to celebrate birthdays, visit when we can....the pi phi wedding circuit in our late 20s-early 30s was amazing....we still reminisce about the fun and connections it strengthened.  Yesterday one dear friend rallied the area and traveling-through group and hosted us in her home.  It was a quick get together but something so special.  The bonus was our children meeting, reconnecting and having play time- old fashioned- go play time.  It is a pretty good looking group and honestly pretty well behaved.  14 of them posed for this picture....and 11 of them had a slumber party last delighted me.  Hearing my 3 talk about the fun they had with their new friends just made me feel like all is well in the world.  Look at their faces- being a friend, being able to make friends- it is such a gift we are given in this life.  I treasure these friendships with these strong, beautiful, smart women and love that it continues and grows in new ways.

Earlier in the week the a Denison connection made me giddy.  How fun to drive to the Cinci area with my youngest Sally, to see my roommate of 4 years...OK- we didn't live together that first year in East....we lived next door!  This get together was way overdue and our catch-up over lunch is a gathering I will remember forever.  How fun it is to just pick up and fill in the blanks.....the fun is all the more special when the kids get along so well.  We walked in the door and Sally felt at home immediately- in between ages of Lori's kids- Sally had a way to connect with both kids.  Lori is a special friend who helped me grow up...we've both grown over these past ten years and our experiences enrich the friendship now.  I count my blessings to be closer in georgraphy with this friend that knows me well.

The week started with a classmate and friend bringing his son to look at Denison.  Yes this ages us but time marches on and it is a bonus of living in our college town!  I hope this will be repeated over the years and with many friends.  It was greatly appreciated for Scott to remember we're living here and to reach out to connect.  He gets bonus points for joining in Newark fun with a stay at the downtown Metropolitan (thank you Metro hotel bar- Elements for giving a fun group of us a place to go at 10 pm on a Sunday!!) and joining us for the Settler's Championship win!

Life on Newark-Granville Road had a big old convergence with all these Denison loops coming together...and prove good things can happen in threes too!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

The blessings are rolling in............I did not go to Denison but I do LOVE Denison. Peace, Mary Helen