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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beauty in the last 24 hours......

My life on Newark-Granville Road is filled with beauty.  I've said this many times and you must not be too tired of my happy sometimes too Pollyanna perspective as you return and I appreciate it.  I'm grateful you share my "whys"- why I think it is beautiful, hard, full and so many other things.  I can't help myself today- the past 24 hours have been filled with awe (and challenge) and I want to share it here.

Last night the fundraiser for the new Pelotonia team- Spokesman for a Cure- at Appletree Auction put on by the team, family and friends all connected to David Schnaidt was something that was quite inspirational and filled with beauty.  David is a cancer survivor from his teen years. David is a devoted husband and father to 3, savy and passionate family businessman and involved community member. His cancer is back and it sucks and it is stage IV, terminal and debilitating- tumors on his spine....Please join me and this community in prayer for a miracle, for healing, for strength....This family is surrounded by love and support and last night celebrated and united that in a fundraiser to support the Pelotonia effort to find a cure.  This family has helped The Works and many other special places to my family for years and I'm SOOOO grateful to the conversation I was having with a friend when it hit me I could offer to help at the Friday night event.  I'm soooooo grateful when I asked David's sister if I could help she said yes.  Joe and I had a wonderful time bar tending- working with other volunteers (shout out to Mike and Adrea Sarap-Red Oak Pub- incredible partners and we enjoyed the Homestead local brew too- the IPA in particular), seeing all the great folks out supporting this team, family, man in awesome ways. It was a family event- shout out to Brett Jump and her efforts and her reminder to me that it was a family event.  We took Peter and Sally- the children's happiness and fun- thanks to great activities put on by the Granville Cheerleaders- a key part of the Schnaidt family- kept the spirit of the evening so joyous and not the somber event it could of been with a concerning diagnosis. David and his whole family radiated beauty, the whole event did and each person I greeted that evening shared their love and it made for a night I won't forget in this lifetime.  I admit though my feet hurt- I made the mistake I know- change shoes for evening activities- especially when standing.  I learned it at Denison when I worked long days and stood for evening events.  By the end after clean up as good as I felt inside the dogs were barking!  But I went home for a good night sleep for our fun morning's plan- the 5K at Dawes.  I slept with feet on a pillow and took an anti-inflammatory.  (note Joe has work challenges and has been a bit distracted with phone call meetings...but all works- others helped when he was late last night) and his work is imporant- and it really is a weekend that isn't overly impacted by this. And in the grand scheme of things.....sore feet, work to do...are blessings.....The person who answered "blessed" when we did the usual exchange of "how are you" summed it up best and I've embraced and used the word many times today.

Dawes- what a wonderful place for a run- or walk....Licking Memorial Health partners and puts on the event with focus on wellness! There was a walk component that was nice as others that normally we don't see at 5K events joined the fun.  Joe and I did this race the 1st year when dear friends- The Plaughers- were hosting.  A difficult course- hills like no other I've done- didn't keep us from signing up this year.  We've wanted to attend in the past when the Downes' were hosts- but vacation timing prevented it.  I haven't been running as much and I appreciated the work incentive and hospital's encouragement to start training again with the Couch to 5K.  I've loved my morning runs with the dog and building up my endurance.  It went well early but has been hard the past two weeks- nonetheless I did it it today and boy did it feel good!  The rain kept the temperature down and I've shared my love of the water- felt as good as swimming in the ocean- very similar- sweat added the salt!! Sally was with me, Clare and Peter on their own with Joe.  My music helped- Wagon Wheel spurred us up the first steep hill to the observation tower!  Great people all around, wonderful host family, and a morning with beauty in nature and health.

It was also so good to be together as a family- how proud am I of the kids and Joe (running on little sleep) popping right up, not complaining about rain, finishing a 5K course and then Joe and big kids coming back to encourage Sally and I to our finish.  We enjoyed family breakfast out at the Jacktown pub- love the low key environment and yummy low budget breakfast.  I did a quick run through the Farmers Market on my way home and stop at a great corn stand (40 and 37)!  The rest of the day included a great soak in a Lush infused bath and tidy time, laundry time and cooking with fresh produce- dinner will be yummy!

So that is the past 24 hours for me.....simple all around on Newark-Granville Road in this caring community.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Lady you are amazingly blessed....and surely know how to fill in a weekend of community outreach! We have been busy with family...but nothing like your weekend. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart