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Monday, August 5, 2013

needs a sweatshirt.....

I love this weather and what it means! It means long pants and sandals, shorts with sweatshirts or that I can wear long sleeve shirts in the summer!  I learned to love this type of dress in Vermont and I think back on a beloved Middlebury blue and white sweatshirt I wore with shorts to everything, or the jeans and t-shirts with a sweater so you didn't get the bug bites.  Sunday/yesterday's weather was perfect- it was a cool gorgeous morning for blueberry all know how much I love those experiences. It warmed up for a nice trip to the pool and swim to stretch the tired muscles and float...and then we needed jackets for baseball under the lights....tonight was the same thing- jeans with open toed shoes and a sweater to sit on the Veranda at Cherry Valley and talk books, summer vacations and what we've been reading.

As I type and extrovert tonight I realize as much as I'm challenged by the transition of summer ending, school starting, I also love the way nature prepares us for what is coming next.  I'll be ready for fall clothes and weather with the hint of it now. It is the same way in the spring....those strange warm days we get in January or know when the Denison kids don flip flops...but it gives us something to look forward to, we know it is coming.  Just as the sun will come up the seasons will change..the weather will go back and forth...we'll have roasting hot days soon enough.  Last night was the last Settlers baseball game and the blueberries were my last chance to u-pick my favorite fruit. By the way- The Settlers (wood bat baseball league for college kids- great baseball to watch in a beautiful stadium) won their championship tournament last night- it was an awesome game and so much fun to be there right behind home plate...with a sweater on...and leaving Newark-Granville Road I made sure everyone had one.

It was time to put a new photo at the top of the I grabbed another favorite moment from vacation that connects to this post...being prepared.  Sally was on the beach starting to get a bit whiny for lunch...and I wasn't ready to go up to help her with lunch...all of sudden I look over (from my very good book) and Nana has the peanut butter, crackers and a knife and Sally is happy as a clam.  Seriously- that is prepared!  The best thing is Nana shares a story of her early vacation years with Aunt Catharine and Ga-ga- that is what lunch on the beach was...they packed for the day when they left Sandy Landy on the bay...and headed to the beach in Delaware/Maryland.  I LOVED it and thought it a fun photo too- yay Nana!   Life on Newark-Granville is about being prepared.

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