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Monday, August 12, 2013

Beautiful Day.....Pelotonia in Granville 2013....

I spent my morning on the other end of Newark-Granville Road...Katie and Ken Richards and their family hosted an amazing breakfast so we could cheer and welcome the Pelotonia Riders into Granville. Their purpose was to raise funds, awareness and share their amazing location and energy in their own effort to join the cause of Pelotonia- END CANCER- One Goal. Of course life on Newark-Granville Road is always filled with lessons along the way and today many many surfaced.

Here are just a few:
1. We live in an amazing community- Granville, Ohio!  Here is our history which explains some of our is in our roots.  I encourage you to explore this more, learn about our history- the native Americans were awesome people in this area- their use of natural resources, their peaceful trade existence...very wise people when you understand the mounds...I have much to learn on this topic myself but I respect it.  And I know to give credit to those intentional settlers as well who came from the East with great value of education, reading, sharing (library was part of original start-up in 1805)......this community can do so much right. 
Welcoming and having Pelotonia come through our village was so right. It wasn't perfect but soooo many people made it right and it was incredible to see and experience and be part of the supporting role for these riders and teams and volunteers.  I did see downtown in the early afternoon and am grateful for all involved there....the farmers market folks staying open late, Nathan and Nicole Arnold for their Team Granville tent with cool items for sale- LOVE my cowbell, St. Luke's- Nicolas Havil's bell ringing made me so happy.....up close and far away...the green flags, the banners, Team Spokesman at Hugh Price's place.....and so much more I didn't see but could feel....the energy was amazing, amazing!
2. Some things are meant to be and Timing is did we get so lucky for our friend Steve Callison to see us in the green convertible and call out to us as he entered Granville on his 180 MILE!!! journey with Pelatonia. Amazing- we were ready to leave....3 hours was enough for the kids....but before we left there was Steve.  He has been an inspiration and friend to us for some time, for many reasons....I can't express to you how right it was to see him on Newark-Granville Road (Broadway extended) this morning..
3. Right Place....Right time....I wasn't quite sure where we should cheer on the riders today...many options and thoughts.  I am so grateful I was where I was at soooo many points today.  As mentioned above being with Ken and Katie was awesome.  Cancer is too close to their lives and amazing things are happening with research in their lives (all our lives) I love their action today and am grateful. It was incredible to be there to cheer and see these riders- we couldn't stop.  I don't think we planned to spend the whole morning there- duty called. I couldn't even leave to get coffee, didn't want to miss one rider, I wanted to say thanks, wahooo, they all looked amazing, there was an energy that was life giving literally and figuritvely and it was beautiful.
And it wasn't just beauty in the riders...all of us there that gathered together. I enjoyed being with each person so very much. The stories we shared were inspiring. Cancer research is prolonging lives, giving opportunities and is teaching and preparing the way for THE CURE!  Pelatonia's energy joined us together.
4. Many roles to play......embrace and understand that. Today I loved being a cheerleader.  I'm back to bookclub on Monday...Shakespeare's words we dusted off.....
All the world's a stage,And all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances,And one man in his time plays many parts....  From As You Like It
There were many parts played today by many....riders, volunteers, cheerleaders, hosts, heroes, supporters, funders, donors, those crying, those showing strength, many many working and it all works.  Some roles are harder for others...we all take our turns doing various things at various times... Much much work and effort happened days, weeks, months and years prior.  Efforts just like in Granville happening in communities- physical towns, work communities- yay Cardinal Health,  the great stories with Limited Brands bringing in folks and duck races leading up....and communities of friends and family....I'm grateful for all the beautiful people and energy I picked up today....I walked home from town and it will be a walk that stays with me.  I carried the energy from the other end of Newark-Granville Road and added it to many lovely conversations and interactions I had along the way......I'm so grateful for the lessons life on Newark-Granville gives me over and over again....and how many blessings I have.
5. It is a beautiful day in my life on Newark-Granville Road....I can hear the U2 song...

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